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Welcome to Jatech. We're a long-standing bespoke software agency, focused on delivering affordable, high-quality applications.

We pride ourselves on building efficient, fast, and scalable full-stack solutions for modern businesses with modern problems. We've worked extensively with numerous partners across many industries, including commerce, medical technology, financial technology, and more, building powerful systems for all sorts of purposes. Whether for personal or enterprise purposes, we have the experience and the enthusiasm to fill any need, for any client.

If you need software, make Jatech your first port of call.

Bespoke software

Bespoke content forms the core of what we do at Jatech. We'll work with you to bring your unique ideas to life, doing whatever it takes to make your dreams happen. Need a point of sale software system, an iOS/Android app, or an ERP website? Whatever it is, Jatech can do it.

Product development

Already have an application in play that you need enhanced or rebuilt? We can do that too. With experts in multiple languages, as well as many of the most popular web and native application frameworks, we're equipped to handle continued development on any product.

Web development

We're proud of our expertise in building all sorts of websites, including Wordpress, Umbraco, Shopify, and other eCommerce and CMS solutions for our clients. Our sites are fully responsive, fast, and lightweight, meaning your viewers won't click away out of frustration while waiting for pages to load. We love to turn creative visions into stunning realities, and have the skills to build the perfect website for you.


We're certified Azure professionals, with decades of experience managing cloud solutions behind us. No matter the size of the application you're after, we can help you build an affordable, scalable, elegant solution, all while leveraging the power of the cloud.


When it comes to data, we're atomic! Our database solutions are sturdy, reliable, and will never let you down. Whether SQL or NoSQL, if you're in need of a database solution, we're happy to provide, whatever the scale.


We're experienced on-premises hosting providers, and have supported local businesses with advanced computer infrastructure (from servers to security) for decades. If you need a service provider to handle your on-premise systems, or would like assistance in transitioning to or from the cloud, we're here for you.

Who we are

Here at Jatech, we've served the needs of our clients faithfully since 1996, offering our services primarily in London and the South West of England. While initially conceived as an IT services business, Jatech began transitioning primarily to software and cloud development in the early 2000s. Since 2015, we've acted mainly as software engineers, working on many mission-critical software projects for a variety of businesses that have helped them to succeed in a competitive economic environment.

We're in another growth phase now, and always seeking more software engineers, so if you're interested in being part of our vision, please reach out to us below!

Case Study: Digital Service Excellence

We would like to take the time to acknowledge an ongoing, successful project that we are managing. We have been providing support to a well-known Health and Safety company, C2 Safety after building a successful integrated and internal business system. This not only acts as a database for customer information but provides an accessible outlet for customers to access their personal documents and related files. C2 Safety has offices throughout the UK and all of them use the same software to help manage their business.

Recently, they were awarded the Digital Services Business of the Year for their excellence in digital services and have gladly attributed this success in part to our consistent help and support. We’re very excited for them to be acknowledged for such an achievement and are thankful for the recognition we’ve received as a result. We’ve worked with numerous partners across many other industries, including, commerce, medical technology, financial technology, and are always happy to see our customers succeed.

Jatech was founded on the principles of agility, responsiveness and conscientiousness, and we're always mindful of the needs and desires customers have for their IT solutions. Take a look at our workflow process below.

How we work

Our team

We're working on getting more information up here on our team members, and testimonials about how great they are. Check back later to learn more about the people that make Jatech special.

Here's some of our work.

We've worked on a variety of projects across a multitude of industries.
Take a look at the projects we've listed below, call us on 01278 588672, or click the arrow button to send us an email.

NHS Directory of Services

Intuiti asked us for a multi-platform single page application to provide a powerful directory of NHS services, and we delivered.

A highly customised CRM

C2 Safety wanted an occupational health and safety CRM. We gave them one, and it won them the 2021 Somerset Digital Services Business of the Year award.

An eCommerce site and stock system

Antics, with our help, grew to a business with a £4m/year turnover and a website and stock system that handles more than a hundred thousand sales every year.

Infrastructure and databases for caravan sales

Our infrastructure and databases helped Highbridge Caravans to transition successfully to remote work and continue doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Umbraco CMS site and infrastructure

We built Auwell's CMS and infrastructure with Umbraco, and brought their presence to the world of online retail.

What's next for Jatech?

We've got even more projects on the way, and one of them could be yours!